What does Bad Credit Loans Australia specialise in?
Bad Credit Loans Australia specialise in helping you find loans even though your credit rating is unpleasant. Our main endeavour is to help you meet your cash crunches without bothering about past credit issues.

So, does that mean I can apply regardless of my current credit score?
Of course! You can get our matchless loan services even if you have bad credit, poor credit or have not yet started building credit history.

Is there are eligibility criteria that I will need to meet to qualify?
To qualify for our matchless loan deals you will need to confirm that you are a citizen of Australia, be above 18 years, an active bank account holder and be currently employed. Anyone who can meet these eligibility criteria can easily get the approval.

How much money can I borrow?
Upon approval you can borrow an amount up to AU$1,000 with repayment tenure of 15 to 30 days.

Can I spend the approved cash for any purpose?
Yes, you are absolutely free to spend the approved cash for almost any purpose as lenders put no restriction on the usage of the loan amount.

How do I apply?
To apply all you will need to do is complete a short application with the necessary details and submit it. The application form is absolutely free and puts no obligation on applicants.

Is it safe to apply online?
Yes, it is absolutely safe to apply online for any of our loan services. We have made use of advance safety measures to ensure that the personal information that you provide us remains secure.

Can I cancel my application at any time?
Yes, you are free to cancel your application at any time as we put no obligation on applicants.

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